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Hi! I’m Raelene Flay

I wear several hats throughout my day, one being a mother to my daughter Dayna. I own and operate a small book keeping and accountancy practice and have done since 2002. I continue to operate this business concurrently with the Garden Chess Company of which I am proud to be associated with.

We reside in Papamoa in the sunny Bay of Plenty and proud to say that we are born and bred in Tauranga. It would appear that not many residents can say that! But that simply suggests that people want to be here and with good reason! It’s a great place to be. Garden Chess caters for people of all ages and all interests.

Whilst not one to be overly maternal, I am passionate about the children of today gaining access to resources that enable and encourage strategies for problem solving; particularly those of everyday life. And let’s face it, in this day and age, everyday life can be somewhat challenging given the current pace of life. 

Need A Replacement Piece?

Think about it; I may be showing my age but when I was a child weekends were weekends. Most shops closed with only the corner dairy open for convenience, Sunday was a day we whizzed down to the shop to get the Sunday Special bread still warm in the waxed paper! Bring back memories for anyone? If we can offer support and encouragement for our future generation; instead of just fixing the problems our children are faced with then it can only be for the benefit of everyone’s future. As they say treat the problem not the cause. Hence the foundation of Garden Chess' mission statement….

"Promoting and enhancing problem solving skills through strategic interactive game and play..."


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